Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sorry I wasn't able to email yesterday. I was sick, and had to stay home. There have been a few cases of influenza here, and so they're telling missionaries that if we feel sick we are supposed to stay in our rooms. Also, they're holding some in as well. Another district in our zone was supposed to leave next Monday but they're getting delayed till the 15th. Anywho, yeah. I haven't been feeling 100% for a few days, but yesterday it got really bad. So I stayed home, and my companions did my laundry and got my food for me. I slept for 4 hours. It felt great. I also got some good journal writing in (I was behind 5 days) and wrote a couple letters. The sleep definitely helped, and today I just have a cough, but I'm feeling way better.

We got a new district in our zone last Wednesday. One of them, Elder Wadsworth, I sat close to in my college mission prep class. They're all really good Elders and Sisters. (6 Elders 3 Sisters) And tomorrow we get another zone of 12 Elders. Also last Wednesay, Tom, my old rooommate, and Logan, a college basketball teammate came. Tomorrow, Jeff, another teammate is coming. It's nice to be able to see some of my friends again before I leave the country for 22 months.

For TRC on Thursday we taught the first lesson in Spanish, for the first time. It went okay. Well, for our first time doing it in Spanish it went pretty well. But I felt that we were worrying too much about teaching the lesson, and not worrying enough about teaching the investigator. We were able to teach the lesson and the Spirit was there, but we didn't teach according to the needs of our investigator. It was mostly just teaching and trying to get the language right. But we're learning more of the language this week and Thursday, when we teach the first lesson again, it should go a lot better.

The language is going great. I'm learning a lot. It's amazing how much and how fast we learn here. I know that it's true what Hermano Huber told us: this is the best language learning facility in the world. We not only have way amazing teachers, but we have the Lord helping us as well. And we're learning a TON!!! Today Hermano Huber asked us what we want to start learning in language, cause we're almost done with what he and Hno Adams have planned. Crazy! I love the Spanish language, though, and can't wait until I can speak it fluently.

Today in the RC I had three great chats. One of them had a question about the 3 kingdoms of heaven, and then wanted to know about cremation, because her grandpa's dying and wants to be cremated and she thought you have to have a body to be resurrected. I was able to teach her a lot and she felt better about it after. Another was wondering why our church is so much better than any others, like Islamic or Judaism. I taught him about the Apostasy, and the need for a Restoration, and that because of this we have the fulness of the truth. Then we talked about prayer, and he's going to pray about it. I'm going to pray for him and hope that he can receive the answer he needs.

We've been to the temple every Monday except last Monday on Memorial day. I love going to the temple. Especially the celestial room, it's so peaceful in there! Sounds like it's a good thing I'm here and safe from Julie ;) Glad everything at home's going okay. Grandma wrote and told me that it's been raining/hailing there. I'm sorry. We have great sunny weather here. It hasn't rained in a couple weeks. She also talked about Barry. I can't believe he's graduated! That's crazy! I didn't realize he was that old yet. And Alyssa's graduated too! Shoot, by the time I get back, Jordan will be just about there as well. I'm really hoping to get back in time to make it to his graduation, but it's all in the Lord's hands.

Well, I think that's about it for this week. Things are going great. I love it here, but am ready to get to Chile. Tell everyone Hi for me. Thanks for the package. Thanks for the Turkish Delight! I shared with my companions and they loved it! It's way good!
That's it till next week. Only two more times emailing home, and then I'll be in Chile! Yea!!!! Love you all and appreciate everything you've done for me!
Elder Murdoch

P.S. I think we'll get to call from the airport, so I'll get to talk to you guys on Monday the 22nd. Can't wait!

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