Monday, June 8, 2009

Wow, how the time flies! There's no way I've been here for 7 weeks, but I already only have two more left. This morning the two older districts above us, well, what was left of them, left to their missions. Which means that for the next two weeks, we are the oldest district. Weird. But it'll be nice having the younger districts to be examples to. We got one last Wednesday and the week before and will get one this Wednesday too. It's gonna be a pretty big zone.

Last Wednesday, because of the flu, they changed up how the missionaries came in. They had the families drive up behind 19M, the gym. Then a "host missionary," missionaries that have been here awhile, would meet them. We would let them take pictures and then when the family left we would take them to their residence, then to get their shot charts filled out and get their package, and all the new missionary orientation. I was assigned to do it in the morning, but we did some after lunch, too. It was fun and really nice to be able to help out the new missionaries. The first one I helped took a couple minutes saying goodbye to his mom. He cried a little and she was bawling. It kinda made me think of when I left you guys and I had to look away. This same missionary is a really good elder. I've seen him several times since then, and he always calls out to me and says "Hi." Yesterday coming back from a temple walk I saw another missionary that I helped out, and we talked for a minute. It's a really good experience. I think we're going to do it again this week.

I've been sick off and on for the past week. Monday I had to stay home all day, like I mentioned in my email on Tuesday. I got feeling better, but then on Wednesday went downhill again. Thurdsay I had a real bad cough, runny nose, headache, and was really tired. So we went to the doctor to see what's up. Fortunately, I didn't have a fever. They just told me that I had a cold and should get some cough suppressant. So I got some Robitussun. I only used it once, but it worked. I'm slowly getting better. However, I was too sick on Thursday to teach at the TRC, as well as another Elder in our district, so we watched the teachings and gave some feedback. It was fun, but I really wished that I could teach.

The Spanish is coming so well. We're to the point where about 95% of class is Spanish, and the only English is if we don't know the word in Spanish and are asking our teacher or if the teacher has to explain something to us in English. But mostly we're in Spanish. And getting faster and faster each day. And I'm learning so many things from Preach My Gospel to help me teach. And also from the Book of Mormon. This is a great opportunity to study the Book of Mormon every day, and I'm learning so much from it and marking it up a ton!

I've completely forgotten to tell you about Bernardo. The first week of TRC, Elder Wiggins and Elder Andelin had to teach a guy who took it kinda rough on them. But then afterwards he requested them to teach him as a progressing investigator. And since I joined the trio, I get to do it too. We've taught him four times, I think. We teach every Monday and Wednesday, and even have a teaching record to fill out. We missed last Monday cause I was sick and Wednesday cause Elder Wiggins was, so today will be the first time in a week and a half. But in our last visit we did get him to commit to going to church with his friend who referred him to us. And hopefully within the next couple visits we might try commiting him to baptism, if the Spirit tells us. It's a great experience, because it makes it so much more real life than the TRC. Anytime we see him on the sidewalk or lunch, he's Bernardo, not Brother Johnston. And after every appointment we fill out the teaching record. I'm really grateful for this experience.

The other day, we had Hermana Penaflor sub again. She just got a new batch of 11 missionaries, and she took us over to them the last hour of class and we talked to them about studies and stuff. It was great to be able to help them out. I wish we could have had something like that when we first got here.

Well, one more Monday left. Two weeks from right now I'll probably be on a plane. And the next you'll hear from me will be from Chile! I'm way excited, but a little nervous too. But definitely ready to go.

Well, I think that's about it. We have to go prepare to teach Bernardo the third lesson. Wish us luck!
Thanks for everything and I love you all!
Elder Murdoch

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