Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First Letter From Chile (handwritten and scanned)

Well I just talked to you , but I guess a little has happened since then. The flight down here went okay. It was a really nice airplane--comfy seats, pillows, meals, the works. It was enjoyable, but after about 4 hours I was ready to be done. Too bad I still had 12+ left. It was a long flight and now I'm really tired. We landed, paid for visas, went through customs, baggage claim, etc. and met up with the assistants at about 5:30 a.m. We stood and talked with them until Preisdnet and Sister May showed up. Then we packed up and came here to the mission home. Funny, it seems like days ago but it was actually just hours ago.

I love President & Sister May. They are way amazing! And they also brought in a sister and three elders from the MTC here. They are all natives of Peru, Chile, etc. They're learning English while we're learning Spanish. It should help us all out a lot. Soon we'll be meeting our trainers. President told us the trainers are some of the best missionaries. So you don't have to worry too much about my first comp being a slacker! :-) We'll have some training today and then go to the apartment. Then I'll probably get some tracting or something in tonight. That'll be fun!

I had an interview with President. It was pretty short, but good. He talked some, had me give my testimony, then gave me a blessing. It was great.

Well, I'm about out of room so I'll stop. It think they're scanning this so hopefully you can read it!

Love you all,

Elder Murdoch

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