Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh how the time flies! Today starts the fourth week here. The first Wednesday through Sunday counts as one week, and then Monday started the second. So now we're on week four. Crazy! MTC time is so messed up: it doesn't feel like I've been here very long, but then on the other hand, it feels like I've lived here for years. It's weird. But I am enjoying my time here.

Sounds like Mother's Day was good. I wish I could have called. I guess I get to call from the airport, though, so you'll hear from me in 5 weeks. Not very long. That's nice that people are asking about me. Tell people thanks for me, would ya? Thanks.

The language is coming along really well. I can start a conversation and talk a little bit, get to know someone, talk about families, relate families to the Restoration, set up an appointment, etc. And next week we'll be teaching the first lesson in Spanish. Yikes! Hopefully I can do it.
It is way great to hear from the Apostles. And even other people who talk at our firesides and devotionals. They're always great and I get really good notes from them. Last night at the fireside the speaker mentioned something to the effect of this is a rare time of our lives when we'll get to listen to so many great men speak. It'll probably never happen again quite like this. So I'm trying to get as much out of it as possible. It's a great opportunity and I'm grateful for it.
Elder Driggs leaves tomorrow, so I'll get put in a 3-some with the other two guys in our residence: Elder Wiggins, and Elder Andelin. It'll be interesting, especially with teaching the TRC, but it'll be good. I really like Elder Andelin. But I'll really miss Elder Driggs. He's a great companion and a really hard worker. I know he'll do great in Spain.

Well, that's about it. Things are going great here. I'm picking up on the language and learning a lot! Sometimes I feel like someone opened up my head and got a shovel and just dumped a ton of information in and closed it up. But it's a great experience, and it'll help me in the field. I'm really grateful for the chance to be here at the MTC to learn before getting kicked out into the mission field. I love it here, and the weather's great. But despite all this, I am really looking forward to getting out of here and going to Chile. I keep having to tell myself to be patient; that day will come. There will be 7 of us from district C flying to Chile together, so it'll be great to be all together. I can't wait.
I love you all and you're all in my prayers. Good luck with everything and don't have too much fun without me!
Elder Murdoch

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