Monday, May 18, 2009

Feels like I just barely emailed home yesterday, and here I am, sending another one. Only four more, and then the next one will be from Chile! Actually, then you'll get a call from the airport.

The MTC's great. The weather's warm, well, hot today. The food's good. Too good, unfortunately, I've put on about 5 pounds. But I've heard we're a walking mission, so I'll probably lose it in the field. I got a haircut today. It was getting kinda longish, and it feels good to have short hair.

The language is going pretty good. This Thursday marks our halfway spot, so starting Friday class is 100% Spanish, unless we don't know how to say the word. And next Thursday we teach lesson one in Spanish. I'm really learning a lot of Spanish. Last night at the RC there was a teacher there who speaks only a little English, and she talked to us in way fast Spanish, and I understood! It was crazy how well I understood what she was saying! Tell Julie good luck with Spanish class. Classes are great. I love my teachers, and we're learning a lot of stuff about the gospel, and a ton about how to teach it.

I've seen Steph a lot. She eats meals at the same time as us, so I see her at least three times a day, and sometimes more than that. It's fun to talk to her some. But I'm not sure when her P-Day is. Possibly today, but maybe tomorrow. Soon, though. Crazy thing, though: My companion, Elder Andelin's sister went to the same mission as Steph, er, Sister Brady. Pretty cool.

Elder Driggs left for Spain on Tuesday, along with two other elders from our district, so I got put into a trio with Elder Wiggins and Elder Andelin, the other two elders in the room. It's been pretty tough adapting, not only to a trio, but to being with Elder Wiggins. He was the kid in high school who picked on everybody, and even though he's not as bad as he was then, he's still tough to get along with sometimes. And being in a trio is way different. I kinda wish I could have Elder Driggs back, but I know that can't happen, so I might as well get used to it.

Elder Nelson spoke in the Devotional on Tuesday. That's two apostles in a row! Elder Nelson this last week and Elder Ballard the week before. Maybe we'll get a third one tomorrow. That would be really cool. It's awesome all the General Authorities, leaders of the MTC, and even branch presidents here that speak. All the talks are great; I have pages and pages of notes on them. It's like a spiritual high here 24/7. Elder Nelson said it best: he said that we are like car batteries, and we're going out into the field all the way charged. But like a car battery has a generator that charges the battery as it's being used, if we use the Spirit, then our "car battery" can stay charged our whole mission.

Ha, Thomas and Frack! Tell them hi for me, and that I feel sorry for them! I wish they could be here with me, but maybe that wouldn't be the best thing. :) I'm glad I'm here and not at home. Although today is really hot, and for half a second earlier I wished that I could be home and go to 60 or fluming. But then I repented of that thought and haven't thought it since.

Well, that's about it. The weeks and days keep getting better and better! I love it here, but I also can't wait until I can get out of here and go to Chile. Then the real work begins! I love you all and pray for you every night! Adios!

Elder Murdoch

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