Monday, June 21, 2010

The weeks just keep going faster and faster. And this past one was full of soccer games, as we are in the middle of the world cup. I don’t know how many of you know what that is, but it’s pretty cool. Chile beat Honduras and Switzerland. Friday they play Spain, who is supposedly favored to win but lost to Switzerland. So it’s likely that Chile will advance to the next round. The US tied England and Slovenia. They have to beat Argelia on Wednesday to advance.

Also, this Thursday we’re going to have a mission activity. In Spanish World Cup is Copa Mundial. Thursday is the Copa Misional, or Mission Cup. We’ll play soccer zone against zone. It’ll be fun.

And speaking of soccer, last night we visited a family of inactives, and they asked to see pictures of our families. The dad, who is a big joker and really funny, said that my Dad looks like the President of the National Soccer Association of Chile. Kind of funny.

Well, we’re finding a lot of great people and have a lot of potential baptisms. We have put the goal of 10 baptisms before Elder King leaves August 16th. Definitely possible.

Patricio (Patrick) went to church again yesterday and this time stayed for the classes. He loved it. He’s been reading in the Book of Mormon, but he’s a slow reader, so he reads one chapter a day. Still, he’s really great and is progressing wonderfully. He should be baptized July 4. GO USA!!

Saturday night we visited a woman that we had contacted in the street several days before and set up an appointment. Her name is Patricia, and she is great. After the lesson she told us that when we got there the house was kind of messy and she was watching a movie and didn’t want to open the door. She wasn’t going to but something told her, "Hey. You invited them. Open the door." So as we were leaving she came and let us in. The lesson was really great. She believed everything we said. She understood well the importance of prophets, something that a lot of people here don’t catch. At the end she said that she felt really great and thinks it is something to do with our religion. Unfortunately, she is really busy being a chef as is her husband. So it’s hard to find them in the week, except maybe late at night. Next Sunday we’re going to pass by and teach her more and the husband as well as the 9-year-old daughter.

Well, I have to go. Got a lot to do and not too much time. But things here are going great and we should be having a lot of baptisms coming up.

Elder Murdoch

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