Monday, June 14, 2010

Man! It’s so crazy how fast the time passes! I´m almost done with month 14! It goes by way too fast. Gotta take advantage of everything.

The highlight of this past week was going to the temple on Thursday. I loved it! It had been 6 months since the last time. It gave us all a spiritual high. Hopefully we can mantain it. The temple President came and talked to us before and told us a couple of cool stories. One was about a woman and her daughter who walked into the temple in street clothes wanting to talk to the "director." The mom was an inactive member, but she said ex-member. The daughter had had a dream about living in a building, in the 3rd floor, even gave the room number. It was kinda like a hotel. She said that when she left the building she felt sad and unexcited. But then she saw another building, shiny white, with a messenger painted gold. When she told her inactive mom about it, the mom immediately recognized the Mormon temple, so they decided to go there. While talking to President Lyon, he said to her, "You are going to go on a mission. That building you saw was the MTC." Close to the temple is a church owned building. I don´t know what is on the other floors, but the 3rd, like in her dream, is the MTC. He left to go get a card for her. When he got back she said, "You were in my dream. I saw a tall man dressed in white giving me a card." They called President May right away to pass the referral. She got baptized and I imagine is preparing for the mission.

The other story he told us was of a couple who showed up also wanting to talk to him. The wife had her endownments, and they had come so he could get his and they could be sealed. The problem is that he´s deaf and dumb. She knows sign language, so they can talk. The cool part is that they were able to work it out so that he could read instead of listen. They fixed everything so that he could go through. Afterwards, they met again in the office to talk. President Lyon asked the man what was his favorite part of the temple. The man said, "Today my favorite scripture has been fulfilled." In 2 Nephi 27:29 it says, "And in that day shall the deaf hear the words of the book, and the eyes of the blind shall see out of obscurity and out of darkness." That´s awesome.

Yesterday German and his sister Ingrid went to church! They´re inactives that we´ve been teaching. She is an RM and has been pretty stubborn about doing the things that she needs. But she went yesterday! Also, German’s girlfriend that lives in Viña del Mar. We also taught her Saturday night, and she loved it. She was way excited about the Book of Mormon that we gave her. We´ll see how that goes and if we can keep teaching her even though she lives in Viña.

We finally got permission to teach Solange. She really wants to learn and progress, but her husband doesn’t want her too. We’ve never been able to talk to him about it, but Friday he was there. He opened the door and wasn´t going to let us in, but then she came and let us in. He is really closed about our religion. He´s Baptist and doesn’t want anything to do with us. Actually, he started criticizing us because supposedly there was some problem with the Olympics in Salt Lake--some money confusion. He thought it was the Church’s fault because Salt Lake is our headquarters. We told him the church had nothing to do with that, but he didn´t believe us. Oh well. His problem. The good thing is that he gave us permission to teach Solange and the kids. He said, "I´m not interested (that´s obvious), but I´m not a dictator. The other people in this house have their rights if they want to listen." So tomorrow we have an appointment with Solange. Yeah!!

A couple weeks ago we started teaching a 40-ish-year-old, but he usually doesn’t have a lot of time. He lives with a nephew, Patricio, who also started listening. He´s 19, a senior, and says that in his school they stopped teaching religion (most schools do, since the main religion here is Catholic); and he wants to learn more. He accepted a baptismal date for July 4.Yesterday we picked him up and he went to church. He loved it and asked if we can pick him up next week, too. He is really humble and excited to keep learning.

Well, the world cup has started. It´s kind of ironic that it never mattered to me in the past and now that I am interested and want to watch, I can´t. Bummer! But we do hear a lot about the results. Sounds like the US tied 1-1 with England on Saturday. There have been several other ties, and a couple of teams have won, including Germany, Argentina, and a couple of teams in Africa. Chile plays against Honduras on Wednesday. Hopefully they’ll win!! :)

Well, that´s all this week. We keep finding some good people, and it keeps getting colder and colder. Fun!

Elder Murdoch

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