Monday, April 19, 2010

Well, I´ll be completing one year this Thursday. Crazy!! I´ve heard two things about the one year mark: 1)that it goes even faster after that, which is not what I want; 2)that the teaching gets better and there´s more success, which I believe will happen as I have a good grip on the language and the lessons.

Right now we are a little short on investigators. Evelyn, a Peruvian that was really interested, is going to move. Interestingly enough to Carrión, where I was before. So I´ll be sending the referral to the missionaries there and hope they can find her.

Adela went to church yesterday!! And even more, the other Elders in our ward had a baptism Saturday and she went!! Yesterday after church they had another, and she actually asked if she could stay for it. She really liked the baptisms and the church. Yea!!!! We also have given her a couple of General Conference Ensigns with selected talks to read. She afterwards said that they answered some doubts that she had been too ashamed to ask us about. She asked why we didn´t give them to her earlier. She is now in Jacob. She reads a lot, now that she isn´t working. She´s progressing great and should be baptized May 2. Last Monday we took her to a FHE with the single adults in our ward (there are a lot), and she enjoyed it a lot.

Last week we found a 40ish-year-old man named Cristian. He was in some sort of accident that gave him a minor case of schizophrenia, but he understands more than we thought at first. His grandpa told him that he helped form a bank here in Chile. If he can find enough evidence he could claim the family bank or something. Cristian at first wanted to see if our church could help him to do this. We told him no; he has to do it on his own. His mom says it´s a lie, but he believes his Grandpa but doesn´t have any evidence. But he is still interested and listening to us. He is a possibility for May.

Saturday we had a great experience--the baptism that Adela went to. It was from Dorsal 1, the other Elders in the ward. Elder Romero unfortunately left with transfers and wasn´t here for the baptism. He was really sad. The man that got baptized is 24ish. His name is Florian, but people call him Flo. He´s French but has lived here in Chile for awhile. The amazing thing is that he was atheist, but then they started teaching him and he read the Book of Mormon and gained his testimony first of the book then everything else. He was living with his girlfriend who is a member, which means he couldn´t get baptized. He´d have to get married or live somewhere else. Then all of a sudden when the missionaries taught the Law of Chastity and were talking about that, they told them that they had been married for more than a month but no one knew. Wow! So he could get baptized. But he and his wife are leaving for France this week, so he got baptized Saturday and confirmed Sunday as well as ordained to the priesthood as a priest. It was a small baptism, with about 10 people. Before it started, when we were waiting for a member of the bishopric to show up, the lights went out, not just in the church, but in all of our sector. But the bishop came with all sorts of candles, so we started lighting candles and putting them around the room, by the font, and even a few floating in the font. In the middle of the talk that a sister gave, the power came back on. So there was light for the baptism. It was a great experience for everyone. Afterwards Flo was tearing up. I can just imagine, going from Atheist to getting baptized. The spirit was really strong. Elder King baptized him and confirmed him Sunday. It was really great.

Well, I´m out of time. This week will be a cold one, as we are in the middle of autumn. It´s starting to be chilly during the day (chilly in Chile hahaha) and freezing in the night and morning. Here comes winter!!!


Elder Murdoch

P.S. I'm including a couple of pictures. One of last week's really short haircut and one of Elder Rasmussen without his disguise! haha!

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