Monday, April 12, 2010

Well, another transfer done. Nothing happened with us. I´m still here in Dorsal 2 with Elder Rasmussen. But one thing is different. Dorsal is one ward, but there are two sectors, and usually those two sectors, Dorsal 1 and 2 are a district. But not this transfer. Now we´re with another sector. So in the church Sunday there will still be four of us, but the other two aren´t from our district. Different. My new District Leader is Elder Mendoza from Honduras. He was actually in my last zone with me, and we both left that one and came here at the same time. His companion, Elder Young, is from Blackfoot Idaho, so we should have some fun times together. Way to go, Idaho!

Couple interesting experiences about the week. Last Monday I got a haircut cause my hair was getting long. I sat in the chair and told the lady to cut it short. So she took the big shaving machine thing and buzzed my whole head. She didn´t even use the scissors at all. Not quite what I expected, but I actually like it. If I rub my head right it´s like a hedgehog or porcupine. And it is really short, so I shouldn´t need another cut for awhile. Although my hair does grow pretty fast.

So the other day we had to go to the other side of our sector. It´s a small sector but pretty long. Fortunately, we have what´s called the metro, the underground subway. As we went down the stairs to get in the train, the light above the door beeped and the mechanical voice said (roughly translated) "Be careful with the closing of the doors." Elder Rasmussen ran and jumped in, but I was a few feet behind and didn´t make it before the doors closed. So we kinda smiled at each other as the train started slowly then faster moving away. He was on his way and I had to wait for the next train. Normally nothing bad. But I´m a missionary. So I just stood there waiting for about 3 minutes till the next train came. It felt weird!! I was without a comp, just on my own. I wonder if it´s that bad after the mission too. It was an interesting experience, but I wouldn´t like to repeat it.

We´re a little low on investigators. We have a few but not many. And none will go to church. Last week we found a 20-year-old Peruvian, Evelyn. She accepted baptism and has been reading and praying. On the second visit we asked her how her reading of 3 Nephi 11 went, and she gave us an overview of the chapter. "Oh, Christ visits the people in the Americas after his resurrection, calls a prophet, gives him the authority to baptize and teaches them how." Wow. She also has been praying but hasn´t received an answer yet. She was going to go to church yesterday, but Saturday at midnight texted us saying she couldn´t. But this next Sunday yes.

Our other good investigator is Adela. She´s like 38 and progressing well. After a month of reading she is almost done with 2 Nephi. She reads every day and has been praying. She says that when she does she feels good. She has received her answer but doesn´t realize it. She doesn´t know that she knows. We´ve been telling her that her answer can possibly come in the church, but she hasn´t been able to go because of work. But last Thursday she quit work (she didn´t like what she was doing) so now she has more time. She actually committed to go yesterday but then her mom, who is really sick, invited her to go see a statue of the virgin mary which is about 2 hours away. She didn´t want to go, she really wanted to go to church. But her mom is really sick, and she felt that she needed to go. But we were pretty frank and told her that she had to go this Sunday. Tonight we´re going to have a family home evening with her and some other single adults in the ward. It should be good to help her find friends. After that all she needs is assistance in the church.

Well, I´m out of time and need to go. This transfer´s going to be a great one, I´m really excited.


Elder Murdoch

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