Monday, February 15, 2010

Wow that week went by super fast! February is already half over! Where is the time going? Several things happened this week.

Tuesday we got back from a zone class and were preparing to go to lunch and afterwards work when the office called us. There’s a children’s hospital right outside of our sector, and they needed us to go give a blessing to a baby who had fallen out of the baby carriage. We showed up quick and met up with the hospital worker, who is a member. She took us to the room where the baby and mom were. Turns out the husband is an RM but inactive, and wasn’t there. He felt guilty like the accident was his fault. She told us that he at times gets mad and yells at the other kids that are from her other marriage. She’s been hoping that having a kid of his own will help, and maybe this incident can too. It was a really spiritual experience. The missionaries are going to visit them. Hopefully they can reactivate him and baptize her. (She’s Evangelist)

Wednesday, after playing soccer at six in the morning, we went to a nursing home and painted a few rooms with about 10 other missionaries. It was a good experience to help out, and I got plenty of paint on my hands and arms, but that’s it.

Friday we had a zone conference with President May. We learned a lot, but there were two experiences that stick out more in my mind:

During the opening song I felt a shake, and realized that there was a mini earthquake. Several other missionaries felt it, including President, but Elder Squire didn’t.

I got to see Elder Nicholas!! He was my second companion, the first after my trainer, and it’s been since September that I last saw him. It was great to swap stories, inside jokes, etc.

Last week I wrote about a family that was having problems. They don’t have a whole ton of money, and had some doubts with tithing. The husband had an interview with bishop but felt that the bishop, trying to help, delivered the message wrong. Also, the mom was sick, and now the 13 year old daughter is as well. They were really down. But they are doing a lot better now. I shared a story with the husband about a time I tried helping someone I love, but ended up doing more harm with the way I delivered it. We talked about how sometimes people try to help but it comes out wrong, and the bishop wasn’t trying to harm him. He realized this and is going to talk to the bishop again. And they’re going to start tithing again and make up for the month they missed. They really are a strong, faithful family.

I don’t remember if I’ve talked about Jorge and Brenda before. They actually aren’t married even though they have a son of 18 months. They’re from Peru, so they have to wait for some documentation before getting married. He’s a member, and was actually a bishop in Peru. But something happened with his previous (sealed) marriage, and he also has to wait for a divorce, which we don’t know if she knows or not. But she is excited to get baptized and the marriage. The other day in a visit she gave the closing prayer. In it she asked that her baptism arrive quickly. She’s amazing, basically a member, just not baptized. Things are going well with them.

Thomas, whose sister, mother, and grandmother are members, is also progressing great. There were going to go on vacations last week but ended up not going. We didn’t know until he showed up to church yesterday. He’s really excited to get baptized. In our mission, 3 times in sacrament meeting is required before baptism. He greeted us and said, "This is the third time, when’s the baptism?" Today they leave for vacations, and will get back next Wednesday. Fortunately, he has all the lessons. So Thursday we’re going to review everything, and Friday or Saturday have the interview. Then the baptism the 28th.

Ana Lopez should be getting baptized this Sunday, 21, or the next, 28. It all depends on her. She has everything; she just needs to decide when. She told us in February for sure, so we should have it soon.

Well, I think that’s about it. It’s great down here, even though it’s really hot. Soon enough I’ll be freezing and everyone at home will be hot. Fortunately, we have juice and coca cola to cool us off a little. The problem is, almost all we drink here is Coke. There’s a joke among the missionaries that if we ask for water, they give us juice; if we ask for juice, they give us Coke. If we really want water, we have to ask for water from the tap, specifically. I really miss good ol’ A&W Root Beer. But oh well. After.

Well, that’s it for this week. Until next week: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Elder Murdoch

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