Monday, May 24, 2010

San Pablo Zone - May 2010

Elder Rasmussen and I with Adela

Well, one more transfer done. I now am on my 9th, with 13 months in the mission. Crazy! It´s going by way too fast. Right now I´m with Elder King, from North Carolina. He has this transfer and half of the next, aka 2 months, till he finishes the mission. There´s a chance he might finish it with me. I really hope that we can have a lot of success so that he can finish on a good note. I heard that he is an athlete and big on sports, so we´ll probably be doing a lot of sports, which is okay with me. :)

Talking about sports, last Friday morning we played some basketball. Elder Nicholas, my second companion, and his companion Elder Jex, invited us and a couple other sectors to play in there church. Unfortunately, we boarded the wrong bus and got a little lost. We woke up at 5:30 but didn´t get to the church till 7:00. But we still got in some good playing time. We were tired the whole rest of the day, but it was worth it. It was really fun. Not my best game. I´ve really lost my talent. But I still enjoyed it.

Wednesday in Divisions with Elder Mendoza, we did a street contact with a member inactive. He was pretty excited to talk to us and we set up an appointment. He lives with his sister, who served her mission about 8 years ago. They´re both members since really young. He was preparing his papers for the mission but never went. But he´s only 22, so there´s still a chance. He seemed really excited to have us and interested in returning. He was going to come to church yesterday, but his girlfriend from ViƱa del Mar came so he couldn´t. But he still is really interested. His sister, Ingrid, unfortunately, doesn´t want anything. She straight out told us that she won´t read the Book of Mormon, pray, repent, or go to church. Seems like something pretty big happened, but we don´t know what. She said she wants to go slow for now. But German, the brother, should progress faster.

Last week we knocked the door of a woman named Solange. She seemed a little startled, but happy to see us, and invited us in. We didn´t have time before the next appointment, so we set up another time to pass by. We went by Saturday night. It was raining really hard, and she was really surprised when we showed up. She figured that no one would leave to preach the gospel in the rain, and was happy to see that we will. The lesson went great and the Spirit was really strong. Her 15 year old daughter, Javiera, also listened to us. When we were talking about the importance of prayer, she said "Oh yeah. I always pray. I talk with God, thank him for all that he gives me, and I close in the name of Jesus Christ." She later said, "I have a strong testimony that God answers prayers. He´s answered mine before, and I know that he is always listening." Well, I thought, we don´t have to focus too much on prayer. They both committed to read in the Book of Mormon-Moroni 10- and to pray. We´re going to pass tonight to see how it went. Her husband might present a problem. She said she doesn´t know if he´ll allow her and Javiera to keep listening to us or go to church. But we´ve been praying hard that he will let them. They should progress well.

Well, kind of short this week. Not much happened. We´re a little low on investigators, but working hard to find more. Thanks for all of your prayers.

Elder Murdoch

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