Monday, January 25, 2010

What a week! It´s really hot down here! The other day we say 40 degrees Celcius. According to the converter on the cell phone that´s 104 Fahrenheit. Wow! That was the worst day. The rest it´s about 95-98ish. Pretty hot. But I think in a couple of weeks it should start cooling down. I hope.

We had a couple of fun adventures last week.The other day we were coming home at night and saw an Elder playing soccer in front of our departments. Without a companion, after time to enter the house. What!? Turns out he finished his mission last Monday and his parents came down and were visiting his sectors with him. His dad actually served in Central America, and with his rusty Spanish did a contact, which we are going to end up teaching.

Last Monday night we had a FHE with a family and ended up leaving late, so we took a taxi. In the taxi Elder Squire took out his wallet to dig out some coins to help pay. Later, the next day, he realized that his wallet was not in his pocket. He had dropped it on the seat in the taxi. It had his mission credit card, driver´s license, and carnet, as well as his temple recommend. We called the office to tell them about it. Then, walking to lunch, someone called us over to their car. It was the bishop of a ward right next to ours. He said the Stake President knew something about the wallet of an Elder named Aaron. That is Elder Squire´s middle name. So we called the stake president, and he gave us the name and number of the woman that called him. Elder Squire called and talked with her. She actually lived in the ward next door, so after lunch we joined up with the missionaries there, (actually Elder Barney) and went to her house. She did have his wallet. What had happened was the taxi driver found the wallet and gave it to her and said to find the owner or throw it away. She looked at his carnet ID and looked him up on Facebook and found a number. We think it was of the mission office, who then told her to call Stake President Masbernat, or the bishop, or someone. It was a pretty crazy adventure. We called it a referal from the Lord.

The bishop, along with a lot of the ward, has been on vacation this week so the counselors took over. Last Wednesday in coordination, Brother Cataldo told us that they might need a talk in sacrament. So I prepared one, obviously Sunday morning :) about repentance. And I ended up giving it. I felt pretty good about it. Not many people said much afterward, which is okay. But one woman did say that it was really great and I didn´t mess up the language at all.

We should have a couple of baptisms this Sunday. Carol, the 14 year old teen is really excited. She´s been reading the Book of Mormon, all the pamplets, everything. She´s praying, and has a testimony. She´s really excited for her baptism Sunday.

Pamela also is excited to get baptized. Her husband´s a member, and is helping us a lot. The problem is that she wants it to be private. Us, Victor, and whoever does the baptism. Plus someone from the bishopric will have to be there. So we might do it Saturday in the afternoon.

Well, that´s about it for this week.

Elder Murdoch

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