Monday, August 24, 2009

Wow! This week went by way fast! Probably the fastest yet! Hopefully it can slow down a little. It was also a way tough week. Elder Nicholas is still sick so we only left the house for zone class, lunch, and church. We did have divisions with a couple of priesthood holders in our ward, and I left for one hour. We didn´t get much done, but it was still nice to be able to leave for awhile.

In one of the contacts we did, we were standing in the door talking for over half an hour. There was a really small park nearby, and a man came and sat down about 30 yards away on a bench, smoking and drinking. After awhile he stood up and yelled, "Hey, I wanna talk to you!" Perfect english. We just ignored him, but then he came over. He greeted Brother Veas from our ward and the woman we were talking to. Then he gave me a big hug and said "He´s my brother. It´s nice to see you man." Then he looked at my tie and said, "Ooh, beautiful." I was like, um, thanks. The woman said "Estamos conversando. ¡Sale!" ("We´re talking, go away!) He looked at me and said, "I feel like a dog" and did a kicking motion, like kicking at the dog. Then he left back to his bench. A few minutes later he yelled "You don´t get me!" That was all. I´m pretty sure he´s American. He looks it and had a perfect gringo accent, even though he dídn´t say anything in Spanish. It was pretty amusing.

We´ve started playing soccer every Saturday at 6 in the morning. So today I bought some new soccer shoes, really cheap. I´m excited to use them this Saturday.

Today we went to the doctor and he told Elder Nicholas that he can start leaving. After lunch we have to rest for a couple hours then can leave. Finally! We´re tired of sleeping and studying and studying and talking all day. It´s been nice, but we´re ready to finally leave and start teaching. Soon I´ll be talking more about investigators.

It´s been a little depressing not being able to leave, and I´ve lost some of my ánimo (excitement). But now that we can leave things should be getting better.

Saturday we ate lasagna for lunch, a giant slice. It was way good. I was reminded a little of home for awhile. Yummy!

Thursday we had district divisions, and I went to the other sector in our district, José Miguel Infante, with Elder Huapaya from Peru. He´s really good, and I´ve learned a lot from him that I´m excited to use in Renca 1. We had 5 lessons with a member in one day! And set another person with a baptismal date. It was really good.

Well, that´s about it from here. Time to go for another week. Oh, one more thing. Saturday marked my 2 month mark here in Chile. Yeah!

Have a nice week!
Elder Murdoch

Iré, haré, seré
I will go, I will do, I will be

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