Monday, July 6, 2009

First off, sorry for all my mistakes I make. It´s different typing in English after talking in Spanish for 2 weeks. Second off, somehow I just lost half an hour of typing, so I may not be able to tell all that I was going to today. You´ll have to wait till next week for more.

The language is coming great. I´m able to understand the Chilenos more and talk better as well.
With training from President May and Zone and District leaders we´ve started doing something different. In house contacts, instead of saying "we´re missionaries, we have a message...can we share more?" we bear testimony, then ask if we can say a prayer and say more. Then once inside we teach part of lesson 3 about the 5 steps of the Gospel- faith, repentance, baptism, Holy Ghost, and Endure to the End-and commit to baptism right there. I was a little skeptical at first, but it works!

We found a golden investigator Saturday. Gustave is almost 80, and really great. He let us in and we shared our message. He was really into the lesson and asked questions. He accepted baptism right away, for August 2, and to go to church the next day. We told him that now Satan is going to try hard to stop him from being baptized and that obstacles will arise. Sure enough, when we met him to take him to church, he told us a family member was sick and needed his help. But he realized the importance of the sacrament and went with us to sacrament meeting then left. He´s really amazing. He is Catholic, but only by tradition and that won´t be a problem.

Sunday night we found Christian, 20. He´s studying to be an engineer and is really smart. And he knows a lot about prayer, Holy Ghost , Jesus Christ. He accepted baptism as well, August 2. If he serves a mission, he´s gonna be killer. He´s great.

After him, we found Vanessa. She accepted, but had a little trouble setting a definite date for the 2nd. We have a return visit tonight and think we´ll be able to get a more solid yes from her.
Well, I´m about out of time. I´ll try to tell more next week. Sorry.

Love you all!
Elder Murdoch

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